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Digital Media Content

Digital Media Design is an evolving field where the cutting edge electronic display technology is transforming the signage world. This is where digital formats of audio, video and other digital "content" are created, referred to and distributed via digital information processing systems.

GMI is recommended by Cisco Systems Inc (Middle East) to design & develop the digital media content for their Digital Media Systems, a flexible and comprehensive solution for digital signage and desktop video that makes it easy to create, manage, publish, and access high-quality digital media for compelling communications. This testifies GMI’s cross domain expertise & capabilities-from coding skills to advertising creativity to skills in devising communication strategy.

Enhancing the Digital Media Experience

Be it the digital manipulation of any image, video, audio or content, we have the required expertise and equipment to undertake it to the complete satisfaction of our clients. GMI also boasts an accessible stock library of HQ images, audio and video enabling smooth creation of any digital content- be it a digital high definition signage or an interactive touch screen panel.

The highly reliable, IP-based Cisco Digital Media Player (Cisco DMP) controls the display and playback of rich digital media, including high-definition live broadcasts or on-demand video, Adobe Flash Player animations, graphics, text tickers, and other web content, through on-premises digital signage and enterprise TV displays. As an agency with experience in corporate communication strategies, GMI has the required expertise to develop digital media content for the Cisco DMS: to design, program and integrate the digital & textual content to suit clients’ bespoke communication needs.

Using Cisco Digital Media Manager, anyone can flexibly and remotely publish centralized content over the web to networked digital displays. The Cisco Digital Media Player can be attached to almost any on-premises digital display, including bank branch offices, retail stores, break rooms, or lobbies, helping you reach constituents anywhere, anytime.

GMI services are used by various government agencies in the region, blue chip multinational agencies, NGO’s as well as start-ups.

You may contact GMI for pre-sales as well as post sales support in digital media content.

Territories that are covered by GMI…

GMI can support you in Europe, the Middle East, North America and India. Requirements on other countries can also be worked out on a case to case basis.

How to engage GMI?

Contact Mr. Mike at mike@globalmedia.ae or call +091-90721 22224 today!

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