What We Do

SEO Maintenance

SEO maintenance will help your web site to retain and sustainably get more keyword listings and quality traffic which leads  to sales.  As your completion keeps improving their competitive edge, SEO maintenance is the most cost effective manner in which completive edge can be enhanced & sustained as the case may be.

SEO maintenance service plan includes:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Re-structure layout and navigation
  • Content analysis
  • Adding fresh content if required
  • Monitoring organic search engine rankings
  • Website traffic tracking
  • Increasing link popularity

SEO maintenance is essential due to search engine algorithm changes, search engine ranking updates & search keyword competition. SEO maintenance services help evaluate the keywords ranking in search engines and the traffic your site receives.

To improve the online business it is important to analyze existing keywords and its relevance in bringing relevant traffic to the website. New keywords phrases are added based on the current search keywords popularity. More content to the relevant pages is also added as required. New competitors are also analyzed to find how they rank for the keywords that your customers use. Based on the research carried out, page titles, meta tags and page headings, content and web site restructuring is recommended

Global Media Insight also analyzes the website popularity of your competitors to find the incoming links they obtain and the quality of those links.

Give us a call or email us and we can provide you with a customized SEO maintenance package that will help you to increase your websites online presence.