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SEO copywriting is essentially written content for a webpage that is informative and persuasive, but most importantly the page content is optimized for keywords phrases that are (a) relevant to the good and services offered (b) search phrases which majority of people are more likely to search with so that it attains high ranking in search engines. It involves strategic placement of phrases so that the page appears as one of the first results of an online customer's search results. SEO copywriting considers factors like keyword density, keyword placement, keyword frequency, etc to determine the page's significance by comparing them with competitor's web pages. Towards increasing relevancy the location is also added when relevant.

SEO copywriting helps a business' or product's page to rank high, but this does not mean the quality of content can be ignored. A page with high ranking but poor content will fail to impress online customers. So it is necessary to not only implement techniques for targeted search phrases, but also produce concise and meaningful content that reads well for visitors to the site.

At Global Media Insight, we have a team of professional copy writers who are dedicated to seeing your business grow smartly. We keep abreast of the latest SEO trends and techniques and are skilled in producing well-written content that is guaranteed to support your marketing objectives.

Our SEO copywriting services include:

  • Understanding your business and goals
  • Realizing your customers' requirements
  • Analyzing your current page ranking
  • Search phrase research
  • Developing or enhancing web page content that is useful for customers and ideal for obtaining high ranks for targeted search phrases
  • Skillful placement of keywords in your web page content.
  • Comparing textual content and search engine keywords with that of competitors.

We offer SEO copywriting service in English as well as Arabic. Email us or call us for discussing matters further.