What We Do

SEO Consulting

While many existing clients may know your  web site address, there is likely to be an equal or greater number of potential new clients who would be searching for a service / product your web site is offering. SEO Consulting is an important step in strategically increasing relevant traffic to your website, by identifying and fine tuning the website. Your online customers rely on search engines to find your websites. SEO consulting helps a website so as to achieve a high search result ranking for keyword phrases searched in major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. On an average, online customers choose from the first few sites that appear on a search engine result page. So the higher a websites rank is, the more its traffic  would get

As SEO consultant, we give expert advice and provide services on matters pertaining to Search Engine Optimization. Int Global Media Insight, our team of experts deal with all the aspects of SEO based on years of experience so that your site obtains good visibility for relevant keyword phrases.

Some of the stages of our SEO consulting services include

  • Getting the brief about your web sites intended target audience & objectives of your web site
  • Providing feedback in terms of areas where the objectives are achieved an indication of areas where there is potential for improvement
  • Analyzing current site traffic and ranking.
  • Online competitor analysis.
  • Keywords research & analysis.
  • Increase the site’s popularity by strategic link building
  • Content optimization based on keyword search.
  • Maintain high ranks through strategic link building.
  • Monitor Search Engine results page.
  • Monitor search engines, referrals & direct traffic.
  • Reports on increase in traffic, keywords position & conversion.

Our extensive knowledge in SEO Consulting is based on years of experience. We are completely capable of implementing practical changes to help your site attain high traffic and connect with your target audience.  To know more about Global Media Insight’s SEO consulting service and how it can increase your site ranking, email us at mike@globalmedia.ae