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Mobile SEO

Smart phone usage has been increasing at a remarkable pace in the Middle East as in the rest of the world. More and more people search & browse web sites on the move. Hence web sites wanting to capture this desirable target audience need to have web sites which are friendly to browsing on the mobile phones/smart phones. To effectively target this audience web sites also need to be friendly to mobile search engines so that the site appears higher in search engine results page. 

SEO for mobile sites are different from regular SEO. Mobile sites need to be mobile browser compatible. The content should be brief, relevant and clear. User navigation links for mobile and handheld devices should be easy. The Global Media Insight team from designs sites with content based layout with minimal images, making the site load easily.

Mobile websites optimization factors include:

  • Optimization for mobile search keywords phrases.
  • Adding mobile search keywords in title tag, H tags, and in the content.
  • Having keyword optimized anchor text for internal links.
  • Having external JavaScript & CSS.
  • Mobile site submission to mobile search engines & directories.
  • Configuring mobile site to Google, Yahoo & Bing webmaster tools.
  • Google analytics configuration to track mobile customers' visits & conversion.

Global Media Insight's Mobile website optimization services include:

  • Competitor website analysis.
  • Mobile search engine compatible website development.
  • Mobile website search engine optimization.
  • Keyword research and optimization.
  • Mobile site traffic analysis.

Note: In cases where Mobile search engine friendly web site is not available and is required we offer our services for mobile friendly web design.

At Global Media Insight, our team of experts have vast experience in mobile search engine friendly site development and optimization to attain top listing on mobile searches. Feel free to email or call us for your mobile SEO requirements.