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Local SEO

Local SEO is an important strategy of Search Engine Optimization that will help in delivering local traffic which is relevant to your website. Now a days more customers search products and services with a location specific criteria. Local SEO helps potential customers/clients find your web site & thus increase your business from the geographical proximity of your brick & mortar office. Thus local SEO increases relevant & quality of traffic to your website.

Local SEO for your website also helps achieve language specific search engine results as well as regional search engine results. At Global Media Insight, Dubai, we execute regional search engine optimization methods to drive regional traffic to your website incorporating elements which geographical tagyour web site through various techniques & methods.

Google, Yahoo & Bing now have features to list business location maps & websites information for local businesses based on the categories and site popularity.

An effective local SEO campaign will generate relevant results and help customers to locate your business easily so that more lead conversions can result. Regional SEO/Local SEO is an important strategy which will increase the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. These can be done in many ways such as:

  • Google local place listing
  • Yahoo & Bing local listing
  • Placing the link in regional search engines and directories
  • Adding press releases in local PR sites
  • Local community search
  • Adding to local classifieds and yellow pages
  • Configuring the geographic preference in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Mentioning location in the contact pages, web page content as well as tags of your webpages
  • Mentioning local business in Social media sites

Our clients from within UAE, Saudi Arabia, rest of GCC countries, UK, Korea & other regions have been using our services to generate good local search engine results. Feel free to email us using the online contact us form or call us on +971 50 5356027.